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PVC Hose
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PVC Hose

PVC HoseJacket Color: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Bown, etc.
Detailed description

PVC Hose

Jacket Color: 
White, Red, 
Orange, Yellow, 

Green, Blue, Bown, etc.

Properties & Application 
PVC Lining fire hose has good properties of abrasive-resistance, aging-resistance,
 corrosion-resistance, long life, strong adhesion, cold-resistance, light & portable, 
low flow resistance, easy winding, etc.; it is widely used in mineral water delivery,
 fire protection for buildings, fire engine, fire cabinet, ship, Petroleum & Chemical industry, 
garden irrigation etc. 
Jacket: single jacket, warp is polyester staple fiber, weft is polyester filament yarn, 
or both are polyester filament yarns. plain or twill woven.
Jacket Color: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Bown, etc.
 Dyeing can increase abrasive-resistance of jacket.
Lining: PVC Lining, Lining Color: White, Blue, Red, Black, etc.
Jacket and Lining color can be specially customized for needs. National standard, 
German standard, American standard, Japanese standard & British standard Couplings can also be provided.