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The main characteristics in kaiyuan series hydraulic press application

    According to kaiyuan series hydraulic press for actual application in various industries as a result, the researchers concluded that the following main features:

    1. Reduce the quality, saving material. For a typical parts such as automobile engine bracket, radiator support, hydroforming parts than stamping reduce 20% ~ 40%; For ladder hollow shaft parts, can reduce the weight of 40% ~ 50%.

    2. Reduce the amount of parts and mould, reduce the mould cost. Hydroforming parts usually need only one set of mold, and the most pressing need more sets of mould. Hydroforming of engine bracket parts by 6 reduced to 1, radiator support parts by 17 reduced to 10.

    3. Can reduce subsequent mechanical processing and assembly welding quantity. Radiator support, for example, the cooling area increased by 43%, reduce solder from 174 to 20, process by 13 has been reduced to 6, productivity increased by 66%.

    4. Improve the strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydraulic forming of radiator support, its stiffness in vertical direction can be increased by 39%, horizontal direction can be increased by 50%.

    5. Reduce the production cost. According to the statistical analysis of the hydraulic forming parts have been used, the production cost of hydroforming parts than stamping on average by 15% ~ 20%, the cost of the mould could be reduced by 20% ~ 30%.

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